Our achievements

Past and current

  • 1992 - Initiated Angel Ring Project
  • 1994 - Attracted $30000 grant from Dept. Sport and Recreation
  • 2000 - Awarded $5000 Sport Safety award from NSW Sporting Injury Committee
  • 2002 - Attracted $28000 grant from Recreational Licence Trust Fund
  • Ongoing management of Angel Ring project on behalf of NSW Government
  • Has support of National Parks and Wildlife Services for installation
  • Has support of local Councils for installation
  • Has support of Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service and Surf Life Saving Association
  • Installed 62 Angel Rings to date
  • Fourteen (14) documented lives saved
  • Installation, maintenance and monitoring by ANSA NSW at no cost
  • Community service for all rock/coastline users

Children’s Fishing Clinics

  • Initiated commencement of Children’s Fishing Clinics in 1974
  • 2 held each year until Year 2000
  • Approx 80 children attended each clinic
  • Provided lecturers, instructors, sponsors and counsellors
  • Expanded from clinics in Broken Bay NSW to Jindabyne NSW and Wellington NSW
  • Mature Age Fishing Clinics
  • Initiated commencement of Mature Age Fishing Clinics in 1978
  • 2 held each year until Year 1998
  • Approx 30 persons attended each clinic
  • Arranged venues
  • Provided lecturers, instructors

Fishing Clinics for the Disabled

  • Initiated commencement of Fishing Clinics for the Disabled in 1989
  • 2 held each year and still current
  • Narooma ANSA club holds Clinics with Camp Quality

Marine Radio Licences

  • Instrumental in having Federal Government abolish the requirement for 27 Meg marine radio licences

External Organisations Where ANSA Members Have Committee Involvement

  • RFA of NSW (Recreational Fishing Alliance)
  • FCA Fishing Clubs Association
  • International Game Fish Association

Consulting Roles

  • Safewaters Committee consulting on rock safety
  • NPWS (National Parks & Wildlife Services) consulting on rock safety
  • NSW Fisheries
  • Recreational Fishing Saltwater Trust Expenditure Committee
  • FRDC (Fisheries Research & Development Corporation)
  • NSW and Local Government
  • AFTA (Australian Fishing & Tackle Association)
  • NSW Sporting Insurance Committee
  • NSW Waterways

Tagging Program

  • Integral part of NSW Fisheries Gamefish Tagging Program
  • Currently involved in developing a Luderick and Black Bream tagging program
  • Recognition of Anglers who achieve numbers of different species and quantity of species that contribute to the Tagging Program
  • Have the support of NSW Agriculture for a tagging program involving Australian Bass in Tallowa Dam
  • All ANSA NSW fishing conventions have a Tagging section again highlighting the importance of tagging fish for ANSA NSW members

Catch and Release Program

  • Since 1996 have logged fish caught and / or released by our members
  • Seven years of catch data submitted to NSW Fisheries
  • Program was expanded in the year 2000 on a tournament specific basis to include Pejar Dam and Glenbawn Dam Tournaments
  • Data substantiates zero impact ANSA NSW members are having on the Grey Nurse Shark

Sydney Pro-Am Committee

  • Initiated and participated in the Sydney Pro-Am Committee since 1986
  • Meeting regularly with Commercial and recreational sectors
  • ANSA member Chairman

Sporting Insurance Cover

  • All financial members are covered by NSW Sporting Injuries Insurance for death or permanent disability whilst fishing


  • Network of member’s names and addresses for regular and immediate access for news and issues that needs to be communicated
  • Regular bulletins via email to Clubs and their members

National Membership

  • ANSA NSW is a State Branch of a National Organisation (ANSA National) with annual meetings where all State Delegates from Australia discuss various Conservation and Fish Management issues

State Conventions

  • Eight (8) conventions in various locations throughout NSW
  • Up to 250 travelling fishermen to these locations
  • Increased economies for the locations involved
  • NSW Fisheries invited to monitor and participate

Member Development

  • Nurture fishing skills / abilities
  • Enhancement of fishing opportunities and social interactions

Member Opportunities

  • Career opportunities within the television and print media profession - ie. Steve Starling, Rod Harrison, Phil Atkinson, Rod Calcutt, Peter Horribin, Greg Finney, John Ashley, Andrew McGovern and Malcolm Florence
  • IGFA (International Gamefishing Association) affiliation
  • ANSA NSW members are current and past holders of Australian and World records

Current Affairs

  • Regular meetings with NSW Fisheries
  • Grey Nurse Sharks
  • Lobbying for improved access to the waterways within NSW
  • Marine Park Expansion
  • Recreation Fishing Havens
  • Port Botany Expansion
  • Protecting spawning fish
  • Bag limit reviews
  • Fish Stocking
  • Commercial baitfish harvesting at Trial Bay, Bermagui and Coffs Harbour
  • Recreation only species
  • Improved and additional boat ramp facilities
  • Council negotiations for Angel Ring Installations
  • SafeWaters Committee meetings